Hope of the Dance

There is a Hope.  A hope of freedom, peace, and joy resulting in singing and dancing.  The spring of this freedom and peace flows gently and most often must be sought.  Even after tasting and fully receiving this thirst-quenching and satisfying stream, care must be taken to keep {going to} this stream {of living water}.  Finding it’s renewal and restoration.

Psalm 87:7

 Those who sing as well as those who dance say, “All my springs are in you.”

Those of us who of a more melancholy nature do have a sure hope of singing and dancing.  Truly singing and dancing in freedom, peace, and joy.  This sure Hope is found in our only true Hope, Jesus. This is the stream and spring that can and will produce true singing and dancing.  God Himself, under our Shepherds watchful eye, His Spirit within us producing springs and streams of joy and peace.

You may say. “I don’t seem to have these streams of joy and peace coming forth from within me.” “My streams of joy and peace seem stopped up.”   “I cannot say I am singing and dancing with joyful exclamations, “All my springs are in you.”   This writer would not add sorrow to God’s children feeling this way, by questioning the reality of your faith, or Jesus within you.  Depression and lack of joy is where our enemies revels in attacking, not me.  There is hope for singing and dancing with joy still though.  May we fight the enemy and His lies of hopelessness, through hope.  May we turn our eyes, minds and hearts to Jesus, may we place ourselves in His care.  All our springs our in Jesus, whether they seem streams of sorrow or of gladness, from our Man of sorrows and gladness.  We can come to His garden of hope and communion.  I believe we come to this garden of streams and springs through His word and through  prayer.  We can rely on His gentle and helping Spirit to reveal His truth to us more clearly, and lessen the strength of the lies we tend to believe, the lies that dampen the experience of His gladness.  This gentle spirits which is the streams, that flow from us like rivers, whether they be streams of joy or streams of sorrow and longing for God.  These streams bring us nearer to our lord, bringing is to greater change, to reveal His image in us more to others, that they may taste and long for Jesus also, becoming His.

We can look to hope in God, for a possibly, if so, slow and gradual defeat of the enemy through hope.  We can look to an increase in our singing and dancing, here. We can look to our sure hope of singing and dancing in our full change, our full redemption.  We can begin meditating more and more on this sure future hope of full peace and joy.  Even if this seems our only hope for ever singing and dancing, let this be our sure hope, on which we think on and meditate on with faith and anticipation.  Thinking on the day our melancholy will be left with our natural bodies, and we will begin to dance and sing with our Loved one, unhindered in ecstasy within His forever hold of love.

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