Mercy Beggars

Psalm 119: 132

     Turn to me, and have mercy on me,
 as you always do to those who love your name.

Most do not admire beggars.  Beggars are seen by many to be takers and not givers.  Burdens, disturbing our consciences and reminding us how far we are from ideal.  How much our mercy differs from the mercy of God.


God’s love and mercy are totally pure.  He isn’t burdened or disturbed by beggars.  In fact, He desires more beggars.  He would have us all be beggars, and beggars to a greater degree.  Begging for mercy, knowing our need of and for Him.  As God draws us closer and closer to His heart, our eyes, minds, and hearts are opened more and more to Him.  Our true need – our need of Him and Him alone – becomes more clear.  We begin to ache for Him, akin to David’s longing for God as a deer panting for water (Psalm 42) or the Shullamite’s  lovesickness for Jesus: Sustain me with raisins, refresh me with apples, for I am sick with love. (Song of Solomon 2:5, Amp.)   This is the heart cry of a lover of Jesus, growing more aware of this precious pearl found in Him.  They sell all other formerly valued things (time, money, earthly pleasures) for more experience of this precious pearl.

Knowing the distance between us and Him, we become more desirous of even more intimacy, more knowledge and experience of His mercy and love for us.  We crave more evidence of His gentle, gracious and loving Spirit, shining through and past our own deformed characters and attitudes.  We long for more of His mercy, more of His grace, more of His Spirit, more of His sweetness.  We have become lovers but also beggars of His mercy, beggars of His Spirit, beggars of His Love.

We can be greatly encouraged by His love and mercy manifesting itself clearly in our own longing, desiring, and insatiable craving for Him.  We have come to taste His goodness, this goodness that vastly outshines all else.  We have come to love Him, to love His name, His every move and gentle whisper.  We can be confident of His mercy when His mercy, His love, He Himself is our life-dominating desire.