Trusting the Trustworthy

Psalm 71:16

   I will come with the mighty acts of the Lord Yahweh.
I will make mention of your righteousness, even of yours alone.

  Psalm 89:15

  Blessed are the people who learn to acclaim you.
They walk in the light of your presence, Yahweh.

It is through the mercy and graciousness of God that we can have a confident and sure hope.  Our hope doesn’t need to be a hope that swings wildly as our emotions, our moods, and even our obedience may.  We can find a place of hope, a firm, strong, and in fact perfect place.


God has not left us to ourselves to try to find hope from within or from other people.  If God had left us to finding our hope, our love, our acceptance, and so on from within ourselves or other people, what a depressing and hopeless hope that would be.  The hope of God is very closely connected and springing out of His own character, righteousness, mercy and love.  It is my hope in writing these devotionals that I can encourage some to move their hope and trust more and more from the untrustworthy and to the totally trustworthy.  As we place our hope and trust further and further from ourselves and more and more onto Jesus, we will find more and more freedom, love, peace, and joy.

As we find our trust and hope more solidly anchored in Jesus, His perfection, His righteousness, His mercy, His love, and His obedience will begin to emanate out and through or past our own weakness.  This may appear to be our own obedience but is actually His own doing – His own character, Love, Righteousness, Mercy, His own Spirit within us mercifully accomplishing what is impossible for us in ourselves.

We will learn to more enthusiastically and with greater devotion praise, worship, and love our trustworthy Savior and proclaim His character, His righteousness, His mercy, and His love to others.  We will be discovering more and more the greatness and power of His mercy and love for us.  We will look more and more to Him as we savor more and more of His mercy and love and find much delight in this great treasure.