Wrestling a Good God

I have come to love the psalms. The psalms to me are a window into the heart of God, a window into seeing the connecting of His heart with ours.  I’ve been thinking a lot about depressed saints lately.  I would like to help, however I know for some, depression is no easy fix. I too have a strong bent to depression.  Most often after reading the psalms after thinking and meditating on God’s heart and character through reading the psalms, I am left more encouraged, less depressed.  His loving kindness and graciousness are communicated to me, and my joy is increased.   I am not trying to convince a depressed brother or sister of a miraculous or instant transformation from deep depression to great joy through reading the psalms, but I do believe there is an increased joy and decreased depression in the reading of and seeking of God through His psalms written for our encouragement.  We see the truth of struggle, defeat, mercy, forgiveness and restoration within the psalms.  We see the delusions of the perfect and the proud.  We see God and ourselves His children more accurately, which helps heal us from the lies we have believed.


Psalm 119: 68

You are good, and do good. Teach me your statutes.


In the psalms you see very often, the children of God approaching God in a certain way. “I know You are good God, and You do good.  Now do good for me, teach me your statues.  I want to know your goodness personally to me.  Teach me personally of your goodness to me.”  Or “ I know You are merciful, show mercy to me, reveal Your mercy to me, in a way personally understood and sensed by me, by my heart.”

God, I am convinced, is desirous that all His children come to Him and wrestle with Him in faith as Jacob did. Those who are convinced of His mercy, wrestle with Him in prayer, in seeking, in reading, in meditating on Him, to find and experience more of His mercy and goodness to them.

All God’s redeemed children are credited with the righteousness and goodness of Jesus. In a sense we are always close to God, and He to us, through Jesus.  In a practical felt way we may however feel and sense a great distance between us and our Lord.  I have noticed when I am the most depressed; the more likely I am to believe the lies of hopelessness, communicated to us by the enemy.  These are the times when wrestling with God, in His word and with His Spirits gentle help is most needed.  More exposure to God is needed to compensate for the extra resistance to His message of good news and hope, because of my depression.  More exposure to Him and His truth is needed to combat the lies of the enemy.  God is good, God is merciful, may we wrestle with Him, trusting Him, as long as it takes to know and sense His goodness and mercy to us more.

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