Christian Love 4: Self-Love the Enemy of Christian Love

By Hugh Binning

If a man be not lowly, to sit down below offences and weaknesses, his love cannot rise above them. Self-love is the greatest enemy to true Christian love, and pride is the fountain of self-love, because it is impossible that, in this life, there should be an exact agreement between the thoughts and ways of Christians.  Therefore it is not possible to keep this bond of perfection unbroken, except there be a mutual bowing to one another in lowliness.  Self-love would have all conformed to it, and if that not be, there is the price to pay.  But humbleness of mind can conform itself to all things, and this keeps the bond fast.  Then love, by the link of humility, has meekness chained to it, and kindness.  Love is of a sweet complexion, meek and kind.  Pride is the mother of passion, humbleness the mother of meekness.  The inward affection is made by meekness, and the outward actions adorned by gentleness and kindness.  Oh that sweet calmness of spirit! The heart of the wicked is as the troubled sea, no rest, no quiet in it, continual storms raising continual waves of anxiety and stress.  An unmeek spirit is like a boiling pot, it troubles itself and annoys others.  Then, at length, love, by lowliness and meekness, is the most durable, enduring, longsuffering thing in the world,” with longsuffering, forbearing one another in love.”  These are the only principles of patience and long enduring of hardships.  Anger and passion is expressed in the scripture under the name of haste, and it is a sudden furious, hasty thing, a rash, inconsiderate, impatient thing, more hasty than speedy.


Excerpt from-The Works of the Rev. Hugh Binning, Kindle, Loc 16413. Common Domain. Language slightly modernized in places by this site.


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