Life of Faith 19: His Promises, Life, and Victory

By Richard Sibbes


Therefore he will take courage for any duty, to encounter and resist any sin; on this ground, as he should say,

“Don’t I have a storehouse of strength to go to? Isn’t he full of grace and goodness? Aren’t all his works done for us ? Don’t I have so many, great, rich, and precious promises of help? Isn’t he the truth itself? Is there not then supply enough in Christ to help me out in all things?”

It would be Pharaoh-like to set us to work without strength and ability to go through with our work.  There is light and heat in the sun to direct and cherish, much more in Christ their Maker.  It is grace that leads us through all. We are justified freely through his grace, and by his grace we have continual strength supplied to enable us in all things. It is grace, grace! A sanctified one who lives by faith will therefore cheerfully set upon every duty.

Again, in this case, all is lively in a man.  As we see a lively fountain, the water of it will sparkle and leap, so there will be living joys, words, delights, encouragements, being sensible of good and evil.

He will trust God, rely on his word and promise, because Christ cannot touch the soul, but the soul will be lively.  As the man who as soon as touched Elisha’s bones, he stood up and revived, (2nd kings 13:21), so a touch of Christ makes alive and makes energetic.  As Christ’s promise is, John 4:14, “Whosoever drinks of the water that I shall give him shall never thirst; but the water that I shall give him shall be in him a well of water springing up to everlasting life.” Let’s make use of all of this, On this discovery remember to go to Christ for help, and labor to live plentifully and abundantly in him this life of faith.

But, some may say,

“how should I go on to finish this great work of grace? It is a mighty thing to attain to, so many sins to overcome, so many temptations to fight with, so many right hands and eyes to cut off and pull out.”

I answer: Faith teaches us to go to Christ to receive all from him, to beg his Spirit to help us in the course of growing in holiness and obedience, that by his might we may prevail; and so in all mastering sin beg strength of Christ, and then set upon the walls of Jericho, and they will fall before you.

How shall this be done?

As they did; they believed the promise, that circling it seven times it should fall to the ground.  So we, having the subduing of sin in us, let’s set upon them, look up to Christ, believe the promise; and our walls of sin will fall so far before us, as they will neither hinder our comfort nor our salvation.  Eclipse it they may for a little while, but the sun will shine again, break through and dispel all those clouds and mists


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