Life of Faith 20: Faith and Prayer

By Richard Sibbes

Let’s set upon all Goliaths, therefore, by the word and Spirit, and with everything set our will against them, that we strongly desire and endeavor to be rid of such hindrances and encumbrances, and we will in the end find a notable victory over them; and so in all troubles and frustrations, as in (Luke 17:3-4), the disciples beg of God for the increase of their faith.  This will help us out in all storms and tempests; help faith and help all.  This will set heaven and earth to working for our good.

We see in, (Hebrews 11), that all is attributed to faith.  Why? Many other things came together in those excellent actions for doing them; but all is attributed to faith, because faith is the great wheel which sets all the rest to working, and stirs up all, as in (1st Corinthians 13:4) it is said of love, that it does all: for the same reason, because in those things there mentioned it stirs up the rest.  So in any grace that which is lacking in us, go to Christ and say, Lord, I lack wisdom, counsel, strength, understanding, prudence in your holy fear.  The fullness of these are in you; Lord, it is for your glory to help your poor servant, and give some measure of these upon me to do your own work with.  Look! I Lord,  lay myself down to you to work through me.  I have an angry spirit, full of tossing and turning, but you are the Prince of peace, abounding in meekness.  Oh give me such a meek and peaceable spirit, as, learning of you, I may be meek and lowly in heart.

I have written you only a few things; make use of them, and think on these, yourselves.  In all things let’s with confession of our needs, have an eye to his fullness, and then we will find more of abundance, when we do not attempt these duties in our own strength only.




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