Excerpts of Mercy

Richard Baxter The Conviction of Sin Hugh Binning Christ’s Righteousness Christian Love: T.O.C. John Bunyan Merciful Appeal to Sinners R.C. Chapman Meditations on the Song of Solomon: T.O.C. Thomas a Kempis, Imitation of Christ, Ch. 1 Thomas Manton’s Merciful Appeals John Newton “Benefit of Affliction” John Newton “Those mistakes, blemishes and faults in others” Richard [...]

He is Merciful and Gracious

There is one thing we all need.  No one rises above or falls below this need.  It is the universal need of all people.  This need can create a sense of brotherhood and sisterhood among us in our common state, if we would allow.  It is only through the mercy of God, that we become [...]