He is Merciful and Gracious

There is one thing we all need.  No one rises above or falls below this need.  It is the universal need of all people.  This need can create a sense of brotherhood and sisterhood among us in our common state, if we would allow.  It is only through the mercy of God, that we become aware of this need to the point of action.  Most all, I believe do become aware of this need to one degree or another. (Psalm 97:6)  May we become even more aware, desirous and thankful for God’s provision for this great need, and our other needs.

God has proven Himself, an awesome provider of the needs of all people.  Have you ever been struck by the amount of resources needed to provide all the air, plastics, woods, and metals, fuels and food we use?  I wouldn’t believe it, if it wasn’t seen so obviously before us.  Even thinking about the minerals needed for all our roadways, its flabbergasting to me, that the world conveniently produces for us all these resources.  It is much easier to believe in a merciful and gracious God, continually renewing, replenishing and rebalancing this old world, for us.  Our sin and greed disrupts the best use and distributing of these, but all told, God remains overwhelmingly merciful and gracious to us.

My main intention is mentioning this is not to convince nonbelievers to believe there is a God, but rather remind believers, myself included of God’s merciful and gracious providing for us.  I am not near as thankful, as I would like to be.  Where I live, it was cloudy and rainy most of the past week.  I get a little miffed when the clouds and rains overstay their what “should be”, short and sporadic visits.  I much prefer Mr. Blue Sky, and am gladdened at his appearing, and over saddened at his departing.  In a way I ‘m getting miffed at God’s merciful and gracious refilling and replenishing of our local water resources.  This is the goodness of God, He provides for the unthankful and ungrateful.

God’s extravagance of mercy and graciousness went and continues to go much further  in providing for us our greatest need.

Romans 3:22-24

  even the righteousness of God through faith in Jesus Christ to all and on all those who believe. For there is no distinction,  for all have sinned, and fall short of the glory of God;  being justified freely by his grace through the redemption that is in Christ Jesus

God provides us His covering of righteousness of and through Christ, (Psalm 32:10, 132:9 and 143:11) to and on all those of us who believe.  He does this freely accepting no pre-payment.  No distinction needs to be made.  We all have sinned and continue to fall short of the glory of God.  I continue to be unthankful for His great providing for us, for me, reminiscent of those spoken of in a preceding chapter.    Because, knowing God, they didn’t glorify him as God, neither gave thanks, but became vain in their reasoning, and their senseless heart was darkened. (Romans 1:21)  Thankfully He is abounding with mercy and graciousness to His children who fall short of rightful thankfulness and complain about the rain, and other things.  His mercy, graciousness and love surrounds, covers, and protects us from rightful judgment. May we seek more to know our sin, confessing our continuing state of sinfulness and sin, not to bring us to despair but to greater thankfulness for His extravagant mercy and love that covers us.   May we know His mercy and love for us greater, believing His love, enabling us to share His love to others, and express our love for God.   This merciful covering is given freely to us by His grace through the redemption that is in Christ Jesus.  What mercy? What graciousness? What Love?

 Paul M.