Richard Baxter



Richard Baxter: The Conviction of Sin

Holiness is nothing else but the habitual and predominant devotion and dedication of soul, and body, and life, and all that we have to God; and esteeming, and loving, and serving, and seeking Him, before all the pleasures and prosperity of the flesh. Richard Baxter

Keep up a humble sense of your own faults, and that will make you compassionate to others  Richard Baxter

This life was not intended to be the place of our perfection, but the preparation for it.  Richard Baxter

Unity in things Necessary, Liberty in things Unnecessary, and Charity in all.  Richard Baxter

Suffering so unbolts the door of the heart, that the Word hath easier entrance.  Richard Baxter

Christ leads me through no darker rooms than He went through before. Richard Baxter

It is a contradiction to be a true Christian and not humble.  Richard Baxter

See that your chief study be about heart, that there God’s image may be planted, and his interest advanced, and the interest of the world and flesh subdued, and the love of every sin cast out, and the love of holiness succeed; and that you content not yourselves with seeming to do good in outward acts, when you are bad yourselves, and strangers to the great internal duties. The first and great work of a Christian is about his heart.  Richard Baxter

Most (Christians) have an ungrounded trust in Christ, hoping that He will pardon, justify and save them, while the world has their hearts, and they live to the flesh. And this trust they take as justifying faith. Richard Baxter

You are not likely to see any general reformation, till you procure family reformation.  Richard Baxter

The heart is naturally hard, and grows harder by custom in sin, especially by long abuse of mercy, neglect of the means of grace, and resisting the spirit of grace.  Richard Baxter

Naturally, men are prone to spin themselves a web of opinions out of their own brain, and to have a religion that may be called their own. They are far readier to make themselves a faith, than to receive that which God hath formed to their hands; are far readier to receive a doctrine that tends to their carnal commodity, or honor, or delight, than one that tends to self-denial.  Richard Baxter

Prayer is the breath of the new creature  Richard Baxter

The very design of the gospel doth tend to self-abasing; and the work of grace is begun and carried on in humiliation. Humility is not a mere ornament of a Christian, but an essential part of the new creature: it is a contradiction to be a sanctified man, or a true Christian, and not humble.  Richard Baxter

I have pain; but I have peace, I have peace.  Richard Baxter

My Lord, I have nothing to do in this World, but to seek and serve thee; I have nothing to do with a Heart and its affections, but to breathe after thee. I have nothing to do with my Tongue and Pen, but to speak to thee, and for thee, and to publish thy Glory and thy Will. What have I to do with all my Reputation, and Interest in my Friends, but to increase thy Church, and propagate thy holy Truth and Service? What have I to do with my remaining Time, even these last and languishing hours, but to look up unto thee, and wait for thy Grace, and thy Salvation? Richard Baxter

I tell you again, God hath not ordinarily decreed the end without the means; and if you will neglect the means of salvation, it is a certain mark that God hath not decreed you to salvation. But you shall find that He hath left you no excuse, because He hath not thus predestined you.  Richard Baxter