Seeker’s Songs

Periodically, I will be posting songs that send some type of message of God’s mercy, or truth leading to His mercy.  Even if the artists from which these songs come are not Christian.  I believe God has a way of getting His truths of redemption out to all, even if through unbelievers.

This first song is from a believer.  Jason Wade, I believe, has a deep personal faith in God, and love for Jesus.

Jason Wade, Forever and Never

The next song is an example of a song from as far as I can tell, an unbeliever, or at least a very untypical believer.  This little known song strikes a chord with me.  I think of how we as believers often disappoint the expectations of others for us, we may not fit in.  We however will continue to seek and praise our Lord, despite rejection.  We will choose to do and believe what God says rather than others who contradict God’s speaking to us say.

Oslo Swan, Doesn’t Matter What You Say

This next song really speaks of trusting Christ’s righteousness and His alone.

This is another song by Jason Wade and Lifehouse.  This is probably my favorite song.  It speaks of a believer’s heart cry for more of Jesus’s presence, peace and strength.  A simple desire for Him.

Lifehouse, Everything