Sweet Drops 5: He Rules our Hearts

By Richard Sibbes

Where Christ as a prophet teaches by his Spirit, he likewise as a king subdues the heart by his Spirit to obedience to what is taught. This is the teaching which is promised of God, when not only the brain but the heart itself is taught; when men do not only know what they should do but are taught the very doing of it.  They are not only taught that they should love, fear and obey, but they are taught love itself, and fear and obedience themselves.  Christ set up his throne in the very heart and alters its direction, so making his subjects good, together with teaching them to be good.  Other princes can make good laws, but they cannot write them in their people’s hearts (Jer. 31:33).  This is Christ’s prerogative: he infuses into his subjects his own Spirit.  On him there does not only rest the spirit of wisdom and understanding, but likewise the spirit of the fear of the Lord ( Isa. 11:2).  The knowledge which we have of Him from Himself is a transforming knowledge (2nd Cor.3:18).  The same Spirit who enlightens the mind inspires gracious inclinations into the will and affections and infuses strength into the whole man.  As a gracious man judges as he should, so he inclines to and does as he judges.  His life is a commentary on his inward man.  There is a sweet harmony among God’s truth, his judgment, and his whole life.


Excerpt from Works of Richard Sibbes, Loc. 1789,  [Language modernized in places by this site]

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