R.C. Chapman’s S.O.S. 2:11

By R.C. Chapman

“For, look, the winter is past, the rain is over and gone.” (Song of Solomon 2:11)


Lord, I remember Your dealings with me! When Your hand at first arrested me! When Your Spirit convinced me of sin, my cup was bitter with my guilt and the fruit of my doings; my joy was turned into mourning; my soul was like a salt land, accursed of God; the hail and storm swept away my refuge of lies!  I was alive without the commandment, once; ignorant of the Holy law of God, while I was still under it; but when the commandment came, sin revived and I died.  Then all was dreary winter within, and therefore it was winter without.  I was sick of the world, hating it in frustration of spirit, while I was unable and unwilling to cast it out.  I found no city to live in, I wandered in the wilderness in a solitary way.

In the good and set time You spoke to me, saying, “This is the rest where you may cause the weary to rest, and this is the refreshing”. (Isaiah 28:12) And how sweet are Your words: “Son, be of good cheer, your sins are forgiven you”. (Matthew 9:2) How precious in the sight of the Lamb of God! And How how glorious the robe of righteousness, hiding all my sin and pollution from the holy eyes of my Judge!

Then the lame man leaped as a deer, and the tongue of those who could not speak sang.  In Jesus crucified, in You, my Lord, my soul found rest, and in the heart of Your love.

It is true, I still have griefs, and tears still stand in my eyes; but, Lord, I love my griefs and welcome my tears: for now I know You, my Brother born for adversity! And when, o when are You so near, as when Your tender heart takes part in Your peoples’ sorrow! Nor would I trade my bitter cup (which my Lord’s love makes so sweet) for a world of carnal joys.

If I did not know You, I would have no place of rest for my soul; my every cistern proven broken.  I’d have no faithful Friend such as You, almighty, all wise, unchangeable, to soothe my grief and bear my burden.  But in all that dismal path I now see Your hand! I was under the curse, but your truth has made me free.(John 8:32) The winter is past, for I am in Christ Jesus: walking no longer after the flesh, but after the Spirit, the rain is over and gone.

I don’t grieve as I once did, for You show me Your hands and feet! You make me that I don’t mourn with terrors and hopeless sorrow, but for You whom I pierced, and for sin which made for You Your crown of thorns! I am troubled in the troubles of my brothers, and because of the transgressions of the wicked.  Moreover, I ponder the unbelief of Israel, the seed of Abraham, Your friend; and look forward, with living hope, to the morning without clouds, to the day when Israel will say,”Look! This is our God; we have waited for Him”;(Isaiah 25:9) and You will say to Zion,”Rise up, my love, my fair one, and come away”. (Song of Solomon 2:10) How Long, Lord? You will hasten in in Your time.


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R.C. Chapman’s S.O.S. 2:10

By R.C. Chapman


“My Beloved Spoke, and said to me: Rise up, my love, my fair one, and come away.” (Song of Solomon 2:10)

Don’t you hear, my soul, the voice of Jesus, the voice of the Beloved! He is able to speak in thunder, His word can shake heaven and earth; and can you despise His gentleness, His tender tones of love and grace?  Fie upon you, sluggish soul! What hinders you from rising up at His call, upon eagles’ wings of faith and hope? Are you hindered with much serving? Are idols of clay set up within you, Where you should be for your Beloved, and for Him alone?

If your heart is now divided and cold, consider the heart of Jesus toward you! It is full of the love he had for you before the world’s foundation, when he rejoiced in His Church, and His “delights were with the sons of men” (Proverbs 8:31).  He is the same Jesus who took your place and died for you on the tree! What a heart of mercy is His! What yearnings of His heart over you! What pity and countless number of displays of compassion!

Can you defile His temple with idols?  He sees you as all fair! He found you foul and made you clean by His own blood! He presents you to Himself without spot, or wrinkle, or blemish, or any such thing.

Let such love, of thy glorious Immanuel, your God, and your Brother; let such love stir and awaken you; fill you with repentance and self-loathing! Go, humble yourself to your Friend, and make sure the communion of His love.  “My love, my fair one;” so speaks my Lord Jesus to you.  Do not doubt it.  O, my soul! Know, it is your cunning enemy that whispers in your ear suspicions of your Lord.  The liar would cause you to become feeble in faith, that he may poison the spring of your peace, joy, and love.  But I will confound your unbelief! I tell you, Jesus, your “breaker”, has gone up before! He is risen, and in triumph ascended; your head and your Forerunner.  Flee to the blood of sprinkling with all your pollution! Take yourself to Him; and He will surely wash you, bind up your wounds, pour in the oil and wine, and cause you to rest in His love, and by faith to live together with Him in the heart of the Father.


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R.C. Chapman’s S.O.S. 2:3

By R.C. Chapman

“As the apple tree among the trees of the wood, so is my Beloved among the sons” Song of Solomon 2:3

A waste land, O my soul! is this earth to you, a forest full of briers and thorns, in which once you were a wanderer in darkness “such as might be felt”  no path for your foot of peace, your heart was brought down with labor!  The you made your earnest begging, and your cry was heard, for Jesus became your Light of Life, your Guide, your Defense and Shield!

O my soul! My enemies are strong and active; at times they roar against me in the way; they would have me credit their proud boasting, that I am their prey.  Theirs is the serpent’s guile, the poison of asps is under the adversary’s lips: Satan transforms himself into an angel of light.

O teach me, then, to watch and pray, lest I enter into temptation! I don’t ask, Lord to be taken out of the world before the set time; rather gird and provide for me , by the Comforter, with the whole armor of God; and give me out of weakness and poverty of spirit to be strong, and to be made valiant in fight, looking ever to you, You Lamb of God and Captain of my salvation!

Ah, Lord! You love to hear from Your own the song of triumph which Your cross and throne teach them while in the midst of battle!  The blood of Your cross took away the handwriting that was against us, the holy law, whose glory is terrible in condemnation, chiefly in condemnation of You, my Sin-bearer, Surety, Redeemer!

Your blood has spoiled the rule and power of darkness; and I also am a conqueror, more than a conqueror now, even now! I overcome by the word of Your testimony, and by the blood of the Lamb! But, O my Lord, bow down Your ear! Safety from destruction cannot satisfy my soul, but only enlarges desire, and gives room for a powerful love!

You be my tree of life, and let Your fruit, You, my soul’s Beloved! Be my heart’s strength and my spirit’s joy, for what can this earth yield me since I have tasted You!  I once fed on ashes; now I love by You, O You who humbled yourself a was made flesh!

You are fairer than the children of men.  You are meek and lowly; they are fierce and proud.  You are true, yes, truth itself; while they speak with double heart.  They change like the wind that whirls about continually; but You are He that was, that is, and is to come; the same yesterday, today, and forever!

You came in the likeness of sinful flesh, infinite was Your humiliation and poverty! And yet in Your poverty you were infinitely rich and great! In the light of Your countenance I have joy, for which I give to the winds all other joys!

I claim You, in Your poverty and riches, for my own.  You call me brother, and I call You my Lord and my God, and, in all boldness of faith and confidence of love-my Friend, my Brother, Guide, Companion, all in one!

You have now gone forth out of the forest of this world, in which You were once ” a stranger to Your mother’s children” (Psalm 69:8). I would also be a stranger and sojourner with You, knowing that by Your help and guidance I will one day see You face to face, and go out no more.



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