Thomas Aquinas

Grant me, O Lord my God, a mind to know you, a heart to seek you, wisdom to find you, conduct pleasing to you, faithful perseverance in waiting for you, and a hope of finally embracing you. Amen.  Thomas Aquinas


For those with faith, no evidence is necessary; for those without it, no evidence will suffice. Thomas Aquinas


The greatest kindness one can render to any man consists in leading him from error to truth. Thomas Aquinas


The things that we love tell us what we are. Thomas Aquinas


To pretend angels do not exist because they are invisible is to believe we never sleep because we don’t see ourselves sleeping. Thomas Aquinas


Nothing created has ever been able to fill the heart of man. God alone can fill it infinitely.Thomas Aquinas


To love is to will the good of the other. Thomas Aquinas


Man cannot live without joy; therefore when he is deprived of true spiritual joys it is necessary that he become addicted to carnal pleasures.Thomas Aquinas


How can we live in harmony? First we need to know we are all madly in love with the same God. Thomas Aquinas


If, then, you are looking for the way by which you should go, take Christ, because He Himself is the way. Thomas Aquinas


Better to illuminate than merely to shine, to deliver to others contemplated truths than merely to contemplate. Thomas Aquinas


Give us, O Lord, a steadfast heart, which no unworthy affection may drag downwards; give us an unconquered heart, which no tribulation can wear out; give us an upright heart, which no unworthy purpose may tempt aside. Bestow upon us also, O Lord our God, understanding to know you, diligence to seek you, wisdom to find you, and a faithfulness that may finally embrace you; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Thomas Aquinas


The image of God always abides in the soul, whether this image be obsolete and clouded over as to amount to almost nothing; or whether it be obscured or disfigured, as is the case with sinners; or whether it be clear and beautiful as is the case with the just.Thomas Aquinas


No man truly has joy unless he lives in love.Thomas Aquinas


A man’s heart is right when he wills what God wills.Thomas Aquinas


Faith has to do with things that are not seen and hope with things that are not at hand. Thomas Aquinas


Humility is the mark of a genuine disciple.Thomas Aquinas


Mercy without justice is the mother of dissolution; justice without mercy is cruelty. Thomas Aquinas


The light of faith makes us see what we believe.Thomas Aquinas