Trust & Love


This is a writing I am working on, and adding to.  It is rough and needs refining and cleaning up.  I am writing in no particular order now, but just as believe I am led, and as I see things in my bible reading.  I hope to, in the future organize parts of this into a nicely flowing book, which I hope will communicate the mercy of God available to those in need. -Paul M.

1 His Mercy Revealed 

2 Hope in the Sunrise

3 Drink Deeply

4 Trusting the Trustworthy

5  Mercy Beggars

6  Not Too Good for Mercy

7 Poor and Need

8 Only Acknowledge Your Iniquity

9 His Humility

10 Our Humiliation

11 The Forgiver

12 Warriors of the Light

13 An Enemy Made

14 Always Dependent

15 Hope of the Dance

16 He is Merciful and Gracious

17 Choosing Mercy

18 Not Forgotten

19 Stewards of Mercy

20 A Believer’s Complaint

21  Covering Our “Righteousness”

22  When He Stills Our Hearts

23  Seek the Lord

24  Peter’s Masterpiece

25  Accepting and Rejecting Condemnation

26  Peter’s Masterpiece 2

27  Choosing God over Man