R.C. Chapman’s S.O.S. 2:2

By R.C. Chapman


“As the lily among thorns, so is my love among the daughters.” Song of Solomon 2:2


You, Lord Jesus! Dwell in us,  You who esteem your church honorable and lovely.  Your eyes can search all the chambers of the soul; yet not all the blackness of the flesh can hide from Your gracious view of beauty in your people: only our iniquity is covered (by Your robe it is hid!) and never will You deny Your bride her title:

“the lily among thorns.”

It is Your own image we bear! For You Yourself have worked it in us.  You purify our hearts our by faith, to have unfeigned love for Yourself, and for the brethren.

And, O, my soul!  For trying your own nature let these by your central questions:  Do you beleive Him? Do you love Him?  These two jewels, faith an love, how precious in the eyes of Jesus!

Faith exalt Him, reveiving Him, and resting in Him as a Savior: to be such is His glory; Love delights in Him as the soul’s portion, friend, and husband.  O my Lord! Sweet is our mutual love! Yours to me is infinite, eternal, vast with many elements: mine to You, is Your own working, hindered though is may be through the flesh, is still sweet to You.

In none but Your own is love of You:  they are Your temple, Your garden; and while all the earth otherwise lies waste, Your church has Your blessing.  Your lily grows up among thorns.  Am I reviled and hated? O let me rejoice if being Christ’s lily I suffer!

Isn’t it your honor, O my soul, to be like Him who humbled Himself and dwelt in humiliation among us?  Should and will not I also bear my cross.  Great is the gain from my sufferings! For You, Lord Jesus, help me, and whisper in my ear Your love; You fill me with evidences of Your favor and of Your delight in me.

I look into Your heart, O my Lord, which opens to me; I see it full of love, full of compassion, towards me!  I know that every frown, each angry and scornful word of the wicked, You take to heart, saying to the ungodly, Why do you persecute me?

O my Lord, purge me; turn Your had upon me, I beg You! Let me, while living here be as Your lily.  By grace teach me to purify myself from all dirtiness of flesh and spirit, and to walk in white with You; So that Your image may be seen in me; and what though the  world hate and revile, all is well if You command and bless!




This common domain work’s language updated in places by this site.

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