Life of Faith 18: Looking to Him for All

By Richard Sibbes


let’s see some trials to discern whether we live this life of faith in sanctification.

If it is this way with us, There will he a setting of ourselves under Christ’s government in all things.  Faith will do all that Christ commands, depending upon him for strength; and the one who depends on Christ for strength in one thing, will depend upon him for strength in another. There is a harmony between the soul of a Christian and the command of obedience.  He hearkens to the precepts of duty, as well as to the promises of forgiveness of sins. Where there is no universal obedience, there is not the life of faith in sanctification; for faith here takes not exception at one duty more than another, but looks for all the strength of performance from Christ, who for this cause is stored with all fullness, that it may drop down upon all his members.


Again, There will be a wonderful care not to grieve the Spirit, in such a one. As if he should say,

“I must depend upon the Spirit for help and assistance to do all, to guide me in my whole course, and shall I grieve and turn away from the Spirit? Shall I live in such away as to make him leave me? He must lead, instruct, comfort me, and assure me of my happiness; shall I then quench the Spirit?”

Therefore, I say, there will be a giving way to it, and a resolution settled, that this guiding in sanctification is the best guidance of all.  A believing heart does tremble at any thing that hinders the Spirit’s working.  It does not step forward in anything without direction of the word and Spirit.

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