Christian Love 46: Our Deepest Sin

By Hugh Binning


Now the example that is given us, “Learn of me,” is certainly of greater force to persuade a man to this humble, composed, and quiet temper of spirit, than all the rules in the world.  That the Son of God should come down and act it before our eyes, and cast us a pattern of humility and meekness, if this does not prevail to humble the heart, I don’t know what can.

Indeed this root of bitterness, which is in all men’s hearts by nature, is very hard to pluck up, yes, when other weeds of corruption are rooted out this poisonous one, pride grows the faster, and roots the deeper.  Suppose a man should be stripped naked of all the garments of the old man, this would certainly be nearest his skin and last to put off.  It is so pestilent and evil, that it grows in the glass window as well as on the manure pile and, which is strange, it can spring out of the heart, and take moisture and nourishment from humility, as well as from other graces.  A man is in danger of becoming proud that he is not proud, and to be high minded because he is lowly.  Therefore, it is not good to reflect much on our own graces, no more than for a man to eat much honey.


Modernized in places by this site.  [This is the 2nd to last post on Hugh Binning’s Christian Love.  “Christian Love 47:” will complete this work.]

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